Common questions about hypnosis…

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis in its simplest definition is an inwardly focused state. In this state, you and your therapist work together to help you resolve any issues residing in your subconscious mind through a guided experience. Many people prefer to close their eyes during hypnosis, but remain awake throughout the session by focusing on the hypnotherapist’s voice.

Are you going to make me Cluck like a Chicken?

Stage hypnosis can be a lot of fun! Hypnosis has also been portrayed in pop culture as a kind of mind control, which can be entertaining in a movie but is quite far from reality. No mind control can happen in hypnosis, because free will always wins. In clinical hypnosis in a therapeutic setting, the client is always empowered to choose. In therapy, you can choose or allow yourself to go into hypnosis, and you can open your eyes again whenever you want, you are in control.

What if I’m Not Ready Yet?

People usually seek help when the pain connected with their issue is greater than ignoring it. Hypnotherapy can often be the last resort for many clients, who then wish they had chosen hypnotherapy from the start! Choosing a therapist you feel comfortable with is key. You don’t have to wait any longer, hypnosis helps.

Why Choose hypnosis?

If you could solve your issue with your conscious mind, you would have done that already. You may have tried other approaches, but these may only have addressed the symptoms of your issue, not the cause. Hypnotherapists work with clients to uncover the cause, and can even work content-free if the cause is trauma related. Either way, hypnosis is an effective tool for letting go of issues at their root cause.

About Jamina Tubbing

Clinical Hypnotherapist. Holistic Psychotherapist. NLP Coach.  Timeline Therapy Practitioner. Reiki Master.

Jamina Tubbing can support you in letting go of negative emotions that may be affecting you mentally and physically, such as those connected with PTSD or loss. Jamina uses powerful techniques to assist you in releasing habits and to help you become more focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

Jamina Tubbing is committed to education in the field, regularly attending specialised training and also teaching and mentoring trainee hypnotherapists. She is an Executive Committee member of the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc.

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